Our Story

About us

Single-minded in our common purpose, we have a shared dream: to deliver a unique hospitality experience in the pristine ecosystem of Botswana’s Okavango to travellers from all walks of life.

We believe that genuine hospitality begins with a human connection. Looking back down the road, we celebrate every milestone and every person who became a beacon of light along the way.

From taking our first tentative steps as camp owners some years ago to the brave strides we are taking in growing our ecologically sensitive footprint here in Botswana’s Okavango Delta.

We are a passionate team of tourism experts – a group of seasoned hoteliers, financiers, and marketers who have come together to create something memorable.

Okavango Hidden Gems is an exciting safari brand that offers a heartwarming experience. Even though we’re a new player in the NG32 area, we’re already making waves as a trusted name in the industry.

Choose Okavango Hidden Gems if you seek undiscovered, unscripted, and unforgettable safari experiences.

Meet the team

our story our team

Meet our beautiful team! These are the people that carry your dreams in their hands. Their local knowledge and warm hospitality will help you discover the wonders of the wilderness and find more meaning in your Okavango Delta safari with us.

To help get the conversation flowing, like the channel that runs by our camps, we have put together a few well-used words and phrases that may come in handy during your time with us.

Handy Phrases

  • Dankie – Thank You (borrowed from Afrikaans, pronounced ‘Dunk-ee’)
  • Kea Leboga – You’re Welcome
  • Go Siame/Pula! – Cheers! (The latter also means ‘rain’ and can be used as a term for jubilation—also the namesake of Botswana’s currency.)
  • Metsi – Water