Undiscovered, Unscripted, Unforgettable


On the private concession NG32, south of Moremi Game Reserve, you can enjoy unique wildlife sightings and experiences. Our area’s low concentration of lodges means you can take your time in the bush, making priceless memories.

Our location on the southern fringes of the wildlife-dense Moremi Game Reserve south of the Chitabe concession is regarded as a combination camp that offers a year-round mix of land and water activities, making us a desirable option for safari.

When someone asks about a typical day on safari, we always say there isn’t one. The bush is an unscripted environment, and each day brings new and unique experiences. The unpredictability makes it so exciting, and it’s impossible to know what incredible encounters you may have. That’s the allure of the safari experience.

What you will find at Okavango Hidden Gems is an experience that is Undiscovered, Unscripted, Unforgettable.

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A safari adventure rooted in nature

A Day On Safari

Reset to the rhythm of nature. You can rise with the break of dawn for a much-anticipated morning game drive or revel in the restful cocoon, your tented suite. If you decide to go on a morning game drive, your safari guide will come and deliver a cursory pre-dawn wake-up call to you. Early morning refreshments await in the main dining tent or around the fire overlooking the floodplain before you head out on your morning game drive. Drink in the sights and sounds of this swampy ecological marvel. Search for the iconic wildlife of our part of the Okavango Delta and relish the tranquillity of daybreak.

The NG32 floodplain is famous for its dense and diverse wildlife population. Our concession’s vast savannah grass plains are home to wild dogs and support a healthy cheetah population. Additionally, NG32 is known for its crucial rhino research. Endemic antelope species, such as the striking red lechwe, fascinating reptiles and myriad bird species, enrich the safari experience.

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Return to camp for a delicious brunch with limitless views of the unspoiled floodplain. Our menu is characterised by home-style cooking featuring seasonal, locally sourced ingredients where possible. We always welcome guests to participate in cooking experiences. For example, picking water lilies, a local delicacy, or bread baking. Hunger and thirst sated; it’s time for a well-deserved siesta in the day’s heat. Choose to relax in your chic accommodation with a generous, shaded patio in the camp’s comfortable lounge if you fancy chancing upon some company or lazing the afternoon away at the sparkling poolside.

From any vantage point, you can observe the various four-legged inhabitants, such as zebras, giraffes, and red lechwe, passing by the camp in a shimmering haze. They dodge honking hippos and basking crocodiles on their way to the Delta’s life-giving crystal clear waters to quench their thirst.

Enjoy a leisurely afternoon in camp, allowing the wildlife to reach you. Or head out on a thrilling activity: game drive, safari walk, seasonal mokoro trip (water levels pending), or exciting helicopter doors-off photographic flip. We will always find a suitable beauty spot in the bush to toast another iconic sunset in Botswana’s Okavango Delta.

Upon your return, you can freshen up in your suite or enjoy a friendly drink around the firepit on our elevated sandy-floored star deck. The stars are magnificent, and the sounds of the Okavango Delta are soul-soothing, the ideal backing track to your life-changing safari experience. Soon, dinner is served and always features a local delicacy dish for you to try.

Whether you opt for a fireside nightcap or to turn in early if your deeply comfortable bed is calling, you follow your bliss.

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