Undiscovered, Unscripted, Unforgettable

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Indulge your pioneering spirit by venturing out on our many stimulating safari activities. Dip your toe in the watery wonderland via the modern-day variation of a traditional tree trunk dug-out canoe, the mokoro. Serenely, the ancient mode of transport glides upon the sparkling surface of the glassy lagoon, and your poler expertly navigates the verdant patchwork of papyrus islands.

Join your seasoned game ranger for an interpretive safari to spot some of Africa’s majestic wildlife. Discover the breathtaking beauty of the wilderness in an exhilarating and sustainable way with a guided walk. Gain a new perspective of this vast ecosystem as you explore its hidden gems on foot. Take your adventure to the next level with a doors-off helicopter ride, allowing you to capture stunning photographs from a bird’s-eye view. Refuel with a snack stop on a far-flung Delta island. Toast another perfect day in Africa by raising your glass and calling ‘Pula!’ during the much-anticipated golden hour preceding sunset. Experience the thrill of a lifetime while leaving a minimal carbon footprint.

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A new dawn of unforgettable safaris awaits.