Undiscovered, Unscripted, Unforgettable

Getting Here

The journey is an essential part of your safari experience. Our map will help you to discover the beauty of the trip.

Knowing the options available, make an informed decision about your transportation using our logistical information by road or helicopter.

 By Air

 Our trusted partner, Helicopter Horizons , will meet you at Maun Airport and take you to the helipad. The flight to camp, shy of 25 minutes, is a thrilling transfer showcasing the Okavango Delta’s awe-inspiring beauty from the skies. An ideal option for up to four passengers who like to travel light, a helicopter transfer is a perfect option with a maximum of 20 kilograms in soft bags allowed.

 By Road

 As the crow flies, a private road transfer takes two hours from Maun Airport.

If asked, however, we’d always recommend taking the scenic route. Before bringing you to camp, let us take you around our fantastic city of Maun, the gateway to the Okavango Delta.

Upon arrival, one of our smiling Okavango Hidden Gems team members greets you at Maun Airport. Settle into our reliable, sturdy transfer vehicle, sit back and relax. Feel the sunshine atmosphere as you drink in the sights and sounds of Maun, the vibrant gateway to the Okavango Delta.

Visit Elephant Havens, an elephant sanctuary, and learn more about these incredible giants of the wilderness, their place in the ecosystem and the plight of these fabled creatures.

After a refreshing pit stop at Okavango Craft Brewery, the meandering drive is an exciting way to see the storied countryside unfold. On the way, you can get to know your safari guide, the Batswana culture and the majesty of this watery paradise they call home in landlocked Botswana.

When the trodden trail peters out and you reach the first of four hand-hewn log bridges, you’ll notice the eyes of your guide shining.

Ke a leboga! Welcome to our home!