Imagine a place tucked far away from the madding crowds in a wilderness expanse so vast and pristine it takes your breath away. Calm, crystal-clear water ebbs and flows as it has for aeons.

The sunlight dances upon the gossamer wings of the dragonfly as it lands gracefully on a waterlily. Every movement of the haphazardly hovering winged creature is reflected in the crystal clear and glassy waters of the lagoon. The overhead clouds cast dancing shadows on the lagoon’s surface as they glide across the sky.

Grassy islands are visible in the lagoon, linked together by deep green arms of papyrus. The swaying branches lazily wave, urging the balmy breeze to spirit away all your cares.

Kea leboga! You are Welcome!

Unique and stunning, the Okavango Delta is a desert oasis springing from the seasonal rains in Angola. From a trickle to a torrent, the mighty Okavango River flows into a sea of sand – the Kalahari basin.

Instead of spilling into an ocean as most rivers do, the Okavango River is annexed by the ancient African Rift Valley system, transformed into a vast low-gradient alluvial pan spilling across the thirstland into the wild heart of the vast Kalahari Desert, one of the world’s oldest.

This annual flood gives rise to the utopian Okavango Delta, a delicate wilderness ecology sustaining Africa’s iconic wildlife. Elephants, buffalos and rhinos roam freely shadowed by iconic predators such as mighty swamp-dwelling lions, cheetahs and the rare African wild dogs. Botswana’s watery wilderness is a haven for birdlife. The summer months, December through March, herald the rainy season and provide a window of opportunity for viewing some interesting intra-African migrant birds. Other avian species include Vultures, Southern Ground-Hornbills, Yellow-billed Hornbills, Wattled Cranes and Slaty Egrets to iconic Delta-dwelling winged predators such as the African Fish Eagle and the Bateleur eagle. The splendid coral-coloured feathers of the Southern Carmine Bee-eater and purple-plumed Lilac-breasted Rollers mesmerise while lily-trotting Lesser Jacanas entertain.