Okavango hidden gems


Here at Okavango Hidden Gems we move with nature, we rise with the sun, follow the flow of the water, we listen for the animals and hear what they have to say, so every day at this hidden gem is slightly different from the one before. Nature is ever changing, so are we.

06:30 am

You will be woken up gently with the birds singing and a friendly good morning from one of our housekeepers  A light breakfast to fill the tummy for the first game drive of the day follows.

Out in the Delta, the air is crisp and clean so the mornings are a tad chilly. A beanie for your head is great to keep those ears warm but don’t fret if you don’t have one, we want to keep you warm and safe, so we will give you a blanket to keep you nice and toasty.

Be sure to look out for the early risers of the animal kingdom as you stop along the way for a warm cup of tea. For our caffeine lovers, we’ll provide an energizing cup of coffee!

Once you are back at camp and the excitement of the morning drive is still lingering, we want to keep you awake and energized so we give you some time to freshen up or take a quick breather before we go to brunch.

11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Did you know that hippos spend 4-5 hours a day grazing and can eat up to 68kg a day? We can all agree they keep themselves well fed!

Around this time you can expect a tasty brunch, with a variety of mouthwatering options to choose.

After brunch, we give you some time to do what you would like. Maybe dig into that book you’ve been trying to start, or have a nice nap while listening to the sound of the water flowing nearby, or perhaps you would like to socialize in the map room or lounge?

3:15 pm

Who says we can’t be just a little fancy even though we are out in the bush?

Join us in the map room for a high tea and discussion about the next activity.

We want you to feel as free as the wild animals found around the camp so we will ask you what activity you would prefer. Perhaps some would like to go on a bush walk and experience the landscape in a more down to earth way? We can follow those tracks from our wilder guests and see where they take us. Maybe you are still feeling a bit lazy or if you cannot walk too well? Do not worry! We have a second game drive for those who enjoy feeling the wind through their hair.

Hippos in the delta are the secret kings of the water and have their own special spot near Camp Maru called hippo pool. Here, the sunset is breathtaking and you can observe some of the hippos and animals in the Delta swimming and filling up on their share of water.

Did you know that elephants love to eat the Marula fruit and enjoy getting a bit tipsy from the plant? Not much different from some of us who enjoy Amarula. If you haven’t tried it, we highly recommend tasting this uniquely African drink.

We will follow in the elephants footprints and whether you chose to walk or drive, you can expect a beautiful sunset ranging in dazzling hues of pink, orange and gold. While watching the sunset, you can sip on a sundowner of your choice and watch as another wonderful day in the Delta ends.

6 pm – 7 pm

One can never tell what Mother Nature wants to do next so when she has closed her eyes for the day, we will too say goodbye to hippo pool and drive back to camp.

Although it is dark and one would expect the day to end, the day is just beginning for the nocturnal animals. As they wake up and come out of hiding you might just spot some.

Keep an eye out for reflections on eyes, our vehicles have spotlights so we can spot the nighttime game without any trouble.

7 pm – 10 pm

It has been a long day and we are sure by now you are ready to relax and settle down for the evening. Feel free to freshen up or take a rest before we move onto dinner and drinks.

Tummy rumbling? Mouth dry? Feeling Chilly?

As we all know by now how the morning felt fresh and slightly cold you can expect similar weather for the evening.

Join us in the boma by the bonfire to warm your hands and grab a drink and relax.

For the rumbling and rolling tummies, we have a 3-course meal coming your way that is sure to leave you happy and satisfied.

After your tummies are full join us again by the boma fire for some good night drinks of your choice and a chat with the others.

Struggling to keep your eyes open?

That is okay, one of our guides will safely escort you to your room. We do not want you to fall as there is still another full day ahead and your safety is important to us

Lie back and fall asleep listening to the sounds of the night.